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I am a fourth-year graduate student in the Philosophy Department at Baylor University. I graduated from Southwest Baptist University in December of 2012 with degrees in Religion/Philosophy and Chemistry. My wife, Courtney, is a Pediatric ICU nurse and is studying to be a Nurse Practitioner.


My primary philosophical interests include: Moral Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, and Kierkegaard. I also enjoy Medieval Philosophy (especially Aquinas) and Philosophy of Religion.


At Baylor, I organize an Ancient Philosophy Reading Group that includes several graduate students and faculty. I also participate in the BCU Scholars Program and am the 2016-17 Schmeltekopf Fellow. In 2015, I had the opportunity to complete the Conyers Scholars Program. In my free time, I enjoy exercising, rock climbing, and camping. Courtney and I also love to travel and recently returned from a trip to France!